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6 Simple Solutions to Use with your Horse to Never be Taken for a Drag Again

This resource was designed to help you and your horse get better prepared to work on the double lunge or long lines! This works great for introducing a horse to the lines for the first time and for correcting horses that are having issues on the lines. I hope you thoroughly enjoy learning from it!

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    Welcome to the Never Be Dragged Again Mini-course!

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    • Before you begin....

    • 6 Simple Solutions Download

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    Getting your horse prepared for the Double Lunge or Long Lines

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    • Body Prep

    • Prep to help a horse be more confident with you behind them

    • Diving Deeper...

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Hi, I'm Lauren Kesseler!

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I combine what I have learned from hundreds of horses and riders in 20+ years about biomechanics, horse behavior, rider behavior, psychology, and mindset so you can start seeing results with your horse in a matter of minutes.

Lauren Kesseler