Fixing tension issues with more riding is one of the WORST ways to connect with your horse

In fact, if you’re like the equestrians I have met and worked with over the years, the #1 thing holding you back from hitting your goals is a misunderstanding of how the horse’s brain and body ACTUALLY works

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Rushing- your horse presses the fast-forward button in every riding session. Especially the times when you really need them to listen to you.

  • Hard-Mouthed- bit shopping is your second favorite past time. You wish there was a bit psychic available that could tell you exactly which bit your horse would love.

  • Tight- there is nothing quite like riding your little 2x4 around. Smaller circle? ha. Tighter turns? haha.

  • Pushy- When you ask your horse for something they seem to lean into and push against you rather than soften. You find yourself in a perpetual cycle of rushing and pushiness. Ugh. the cycle begins again.....

What if your horse COULD be more balanced and supple?

If your horse rushes, gets hard-mouthed, tight or pushy, it's hard to imagine, but......

"Lauren’s work with our jumper has been amazing. This horse went from unwilling to jump at all, to being a willing participant on the flat, over jumps and reliable in the show ring. Lauren’s methodical groundwork has our horse enjoying the double lunging, particularly, and the results can be felt by those riding her.  I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Lauren to anyone having their horse learn solid information whether it be ground manners, riding, or getting your horse to be happy and trustworthy.” – Mary Leadbetter, River Circle Farm, Franklin, TN

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If you want results the easy way, listen carefully......

Horse brains are wired differently than ours.

A horse's brain has a very, very small frontal lobe. It is so small it almost doesn't exist. This is vastly different from us! The largest part of our brain is our frontal lobe.

What does this mean?

This means that a horse's behavior is based on their experience of how something feels in their body. If you want to change a habit in a horse (this is true for people too!) you must change the neural pathway of the FEELING in the body. 

If you try to change patterns through riding, you are fighting a hard-wired neural pattern.

The quickest and easiest way to change a negative pattern and build a new positive one is to take the riding piece out of the equation.

If the horse can re-experience a feeling for the first time, a new pattern can be built

The problem with most groundwork tools like single lunging or lunging with side reins, is the lack of feedback between horse and handler. The horse moves around, and in the case with side reins, learns to back off of the feeling, but neither of you receive any dynamic feedback. So the horse never really learns to feel back to you or associate the feeling they get, with you.

You've wasted your time, put unnecessary mileage on your horse, and you still haven't fixed what is happening in the saddle


The Double Lunge Masterclass

save yourself hundreds of hours of training time and frustration

In Double Lunge Masterclass you will ....

Hi I'm Lauren Kesseler!

In Double Lunge Masterclass, I combine what I have learned from hundreds of horses and riders in 20+ years about biomechanics, horse behavior, rider behavior, psychology, and mindset so you can start seeing results with your horse in a matter of minutes.

Double Lunging is a Unique and Powerful Tool

The horse experiences the freedom to adjust their bodies as needed for finding balance and relaxation, but they are still directly connected with you, so they associate the feeling with being connected to you.

-Renata &Argus, Phoenix, AZ

The Tool of Masters

You as the handler, develop a level of feel and eye never experienced before. The horse is able to find balance and relaxation within themselves, but they associate that good feeling with you! All of these good feelings will translate in the saddle. Your horse will know how to balance themselves and will seek to feel the connection with you, significantly speeding up the process of correcting poor habits and miscommunications.

What's Inside the Double Lunging Masterclass

Everything you need to know

  • Set-up & Preparation

    Learn the easiest way to introduce a horse to the double lunge including young or troubled horses. Keep you and your horse safe, plus ideal set-up for use with a saddle, girth, and with a rider.

  • Method

    Step-by-step video instruction to help you with the basics all the way to advanced movements. Discover exactly what to look for so you know it's correct.

  • Trouble Shooting

    Get specific answers to your biggest questions such as unbalanced canter, leaning on the bit, crookedness, and more!

  • Group Support

    Inside the course, there is an active forum for you to ask questions and interact with your fellow DLMC members. In addition, we have a private, interactive FB group where you can connect with other like-minded equestrians in the course.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    Each week we will do a live, interactive, recorded Zoom call where you can get all your questions answered directly

  • Video Analysis

    You have the option of recording yourself and sending it in! We will look at it and give you any advice you need. With permission, we will share it on the group call so everyone gets the benefit.

Bonus Courses

It's not just the core content that's unbelievable, it's the bonuses.....

  • Ed Rothkranz Double Lunging Course

    This 3 video course series shows Ed teaching Double Lunging using 3 different horses. Mid-level horse, Advanced level horse, and young horse.

  • Franklin Method Equestrian Pelvis Embodiment Module

    This very special module, taught by Franklin Method Equestrian's very own Alysen Starko-Bowes, teaches you how to use Franklin Method to deepen your seat and have a better connection with your horse in the saddle.

  • Gaited Horses

    This video series shows instructor, Lauren Kesseler (Doyle) working with a Tennessee Walking Horse to help him find balance, relaxation, and rhythm in his gaits.

  • Jumping & Cavalletti

    This video introduces how to use a double lunge to teach a horse to adjust themselves over jumps and cavalletti while being connected to you

  • Double Lunging with a Rider

    This course shows instructor, Lauren Kesseler (Doyle) teaching how to use the double lunge with a rider on the horse

I want to discover how to use Double Lunging

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  • Will I have lifetime access to the course?

    Yes! You will have lifetime access to the content of this course including any updates it may get in the future.

  • Will I be able to get a refund?

    We guarantee the quality of our product. However, we give you a 90-day guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your product, we will give you a full refund. *this applies to online course material only

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    Yes and No- The course, in general, is not downloadable, However, if you need the downloadable version, just let us know and we can take care of you

  • Can I view these on mobile?

    Yes- all videos are mobile-ready

  • Will I be able to access my videos before the course's official start date?

    Yes. The course is drip-fed, so you will have access to your first 2 weeks of material (depending on purchase date)

  • Will the Weekly calls be recorded in case I can't make it at call time?

    Yes, all calls will be recorded and added to the course for your convenience

  • Where can I find a double lunge?

    You can purchase double lunges in the Clinic Horsemanship store.

  • How long will it take to get my double lunge if I have ordered one?

    Allow for a 2 - 4 week turnaround time for the double lunges. They are currently being hand-made by the Amish so they take a little bit of time. Allow for a longer time for international orders